We assist you in liquidation of items at the estate, because of loss of a loved one, downsizing, or moving to assisted living.

Items will be cleaned if needed, displayed neatly, and priced fairly. We have display cases and fancy shelves for small treasures. Also lighting, tables and linens.

Everything will be appraised by knowledgeable staff, researched, or if we don't know we can find out.

Our professional sales staff conducts the sale and assists customers!

No up front costs to you. Any expenses would be taken out of the proceeds of the sale. We ask for 30% to 40% commission of the gross sales. Commission fees come out of sale proceeds.

You will have the option of us selling as much as we can and leaving the rest for your disposal or we can do that for you and a broom swept cleaning of the house.

A service we are excited about is IP security cameras, which can be run from our smart phones. They have night vision and can be used if there is still an internet connection at the household. Or we can set up cameras to record. They offer a peace of mind and security for your items up for sale.

Another thing we are thrilled about is card readers for our smart phones. This will help with faster check out help increase sales.

Advertisement will be thorough, by Craig's List, Estate Sales.Net, social media, news paper if time allowed, and strategic placement of bright easy to fallow street signage.

Per your choice, once the items are mostly sold, the rest can we can box up and given to charities of your choice, and attain you receipts. Also at your request the house can be cleaned well.

Full payment with with a statement in 30 days.

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