atomic clock curry doggone estate sale

Schedule of  upcoming Sales

Rules of the Sale

If you have a resale number, please bring the paper with you for our notebook which we will keep with us at the sale, or you may even send it by PDF to I will print it up and put it in our notebook.

No Pre-sales!

Numbers will be handed out at time announced on Estate Often the night before. Please, I dont want anyone waiting around all night in the cold and not able to use a bathroom. Go home, get some rest and we will have coffee for you when you get in line in the morning.

The amount of people we let in is determined by the family's wishes and/or the room inside the house.

We take cash and card. One person will have either the Intuit card reader or the Paypal reader on a smart phone or pad if there is good cell service. Checks from those we know are good for it. We charge Washington State sales tax if you do not have Resale paper. All sales are Final!

Sales are 2-3 days, depending on conditions and requests of the families.

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