Do I need to throw out a bunch of stuff and clean before you get started?  

Noooo! Please don't! For one thing you are hiring us to help you with that. Also one person's junk is another person's treasure. If we throw anything away before the sale, it will be dangerous or rotten items, and old food.

What about family photos and papers, should we get them out?

Yes please! Be sure to get any ID's, important legal papers, deeds, stocks, photos and other similar items. Plus get items out that are dear to you. If you cannot get them out before the sale, put them in a room that can be locked. We all also run things past you that we feel may be important to your family if we find it while preparing the sale.

Why does it take 30 days for us to get our money?

In most cases it wont, but we say that in case of checks needing to clear or things you wanted us to sell in other ways. Some people want the items taken out of the estate and combined with another sale later on for various reasons.

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