Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August 1-2 Downsizing Estate Sale - Seattle Worlds Fair and Metal Art

We will be conducting a sale on Friday, August 1st thru the 2nd, 9 to 4 each day.
In Clinton, Whidbey Island of Washington State.

A Downsizing sale at the home of a past Oyster run manager and his Wife, a Leather seamstress.

The address will pop up the evening before the sale HERE. That also gets you to where the best photos are!

We have a a photo limit on there so I will post more here, and on Twitter if needed under @Currydoggone

Here are a few that are not on there:

Items at the sale Include:
Airhead BMW motorbike
Collection of Seattle Worlds fair items. Some are new old stock
A huge collection of pin-back buttons
Vintage bowls, such as Bauer, Camark, Vernon, Fiesta, Sears, and others
Haviland China with a blue rose pattern. 
Ruby red goblets by Avon
Iron Skillets by Wagner, Griswold and others. 
Some great yard art!
Gates with Costal Native American designs, Southern US Native designs and wildlife. 
Garden tools have detailed cuts. 
A really nice fire pit/cooker made from a barrel. 
There is a large fish sculpture, some weather vanes and lots of great art
Old bicycles.

Bigger things include a Wedgewood gas stove
Big curio dresser
Wood chair with leather cushion
Fridge that has been converted to a smoker

Odd items:
Big wagon that was ox/water buffalo driven in Asia
Large wood Christmas decorations of Nativity and Santa with deer
Pile of stained glass
Pedal Sewing machine table turned into a sander
Adams road grader toy
Telechron clock

Big Kiln

Also cameras, small boats and more!

The Driveway is long, but good parking around the house.
 Thank you!

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