Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Update from Last Week's Sale on Camano

Pretty beetle at Camano Island Sale
We had a great sale last weekend on Camano Island.
A downsizing sale for a wonderful couple at a lovely estate.
Huge thank you for taking your time and coming to the sale, and parking so nicely with such a long skinny driveway.
We got lots of traffic and most of the items were sold, except a few big pieces. Mostly because the house is for sale and the pieces are inside and must stay as part of the staging. If you are interested in the items, I can put you in contact with the owner.
Here are pics of what is still there.

motorpurrr's AA Camano Currydoggone album on Photobucket
The couch is very plush and clean, about 9 feet long. A winged chair, metal table with glass top that sits next to a wall, and also a plush Macy's carpet with an iris. The carpet is a designer carpet that there was only 2 made of. It is about 7.5 x 9.5 feet.
On the top level of the house is a large wood cabinet, it is so big that is must be hoisted off the back deck or taken apart to be removed.

After the sale donations were taken to the local animal shelter.  Thank you!

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