Thursday, April 4, 2013

Don't Throw Anything Out Series: Chemicals

Don't Throw Anything Out Series: Part 1 Chemicals

Beyond the collectibles, furniture, jewelry and other great items, there are many over looked useful items at an estate.

There are often cupboards and garage shelves full of partially or never used chemicals.

If you are about to have a company come in and conduct an estate sale don't throw these out. Give them a chance to be bought. Even though they are partially used they are still useful, help people save money, and help reduce landfill.

Still useful chemicals include:

Furniture and metal polish
Paints and glues
Laundry soap
Garden chemicals
Car oil and other auto fluids
Machine oils
Lamp kerosene
And many more.

It adds up!

Some of own chemicals we have bought at estate sales.
 Oils for machinery and polish for leather, furniture and metals.

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